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Daily Diner Discussion's Journal
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Sunday, April 3rd, 2005
2:34 pm
Hi! I've checked this community's info and didn't see any rule against posting ads, but if they aren't allowed, please feel free to delete this and/or tell me so that I'll know:)

I'm selling some 50s diner-style jukeboxes, some mini-jukeboxes, and some antique-style wood systems on Ebay. They are great for any vintage/retro/kitsch lover, or just anyone that loves unique stuff! The best part is that they play radio, cassette, CD, and even records (check individual model for specs). I thought you guy's would be interested! :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Thanks, and enjoy!

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Tuesday, December 9th, 2003
3:46 am
who cares how it tastes, when its all said and done its coming out of your ass
watching people whore communities blows, i know, so my sincerest of apologies beforehand. i wanted to put together a place where servers ( fine dining, diners, wotever, ive worked them all ) can bitch about their shitty nights without feeling like an ass. said place can now be found at servingsucks . its new but it'll grow as they all do. see you there.xXx!

love from brandon

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Monday, August 4th, 2003
1:12 pm
I would like to promote a related community based on restaurant reviews & suggestions, but explores anything and everything dining out!

meet me in the dining_room

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Sunday, April 20th, 2003
2:57 pm
Ps, It kind of bothers me that so many people consider Denny's a diner. I worked there a year ago, and it's not the same as a diner, though some Denny's locations are officially called Denny's Diner because of their decor and uniforms. Diners are like a gamble..some of them are horrible, some amazing. But Denny's' food is ALWAYS good. Don't argue w/ me cos you KNOW its true ;) Especially their chili fries, Oreo pie, and hash browns. Respect.


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2:54 pm
Anyone live in Pennsylvania, specifically the suburbs of Philly? I need to go to some more diners. My favourite is Lancers, on Horsham Road. I have been to the Exton Diner, Blue Bell Diner, Double TT Diner, Sunrise Diner, 401 Diner, Astor Diner, and uhh that's it. I'm looking for things closer than Exton, hopefully..

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Tuesday, February 18th, 2003
9:49 pm
I created a cooking community called fishys_school.

The community is about more then just recipes, although that is certainly a part of it. I would like this to me about the exchange of ideas and the love of food as well.

If you have a technique that you just found out about, share it. If you have a new recipe, share it. If you just found a new website that has an amazing x,y, or z about food, share it.

I am looking forward to the exchange of ideas in regard to one of my favorite things….food.

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Friday, December 27th, 2002
11:17 am
Haven Brothers' Diner - Providence, RI
Haven Brothers'is a diner of sorts. It's the only portable diner I know of. It can be found outside the old post office in downtown Providence (near Kennedy Plaza) every night. We arrived about ten and it was empty as things don't get hopping until the bars and clubs empty out. I'll review on a 5 point scale, 5 being best.

1) location - *****
The location is always the same so it's easy to find even though the diner is on wheels. The corner is well protected from traffic (it's in a little dead end alleyway) and it's easy to locate. We left the Fleey skating center and it's right there, very convenient.

2) atmosphere and layout - **
The atmosphere is typical diner and very Rhode Island. That is, it's a big shiny metal trailer on the outside and a small shiny metal diner on the inside. There is room for six or maybe eight people to sit at the "tables" (just counters inside) and room for perhaps three more people ordering. This is fine if you want to grab some food and go or if they put seating outside in the warmer months.

3) service - ***
There are no waitresses due to the small size of the restaurant, it's all counter service (fast food style). Nothjing exemplary about the service we got. The guy there was polite while still maintaining diner indifference. We had no trouble ordering food, etc.

4) food - ****
Ok, a few years ago I'd ahve given five stars but HB no longer carries Saugies hot dogs, most likely because they went out of business and just recently reopened somewhere in MA. Jenn and I still got dogs, all the way of course (all the toppings). I have to say, they weren't the heavenly natural casing franks that I grew up eating but these dogs were very tasty. They were spicey enough to have some flavor but not enough to confuse them with a good italian sausage. The buns were steamed to perfection and the toppings (onions, mustard, catsup, relish, and celery salt) were fresh (not dried out, crusty, etc). Jenn had a hot chocolate, which was Swiss Miss in a blender but she seemed to enjoy it (you'll have to get her to do a review to be sure). I had some Gatoraid since I was getting pretty dehydrated.

5) prices - ***
Resonable prices were what we got. Our drinks were about $1.50 each and hot dogs were $2 and change (sorry, I don't remember the exact prices). Didn't break the bank but it wasn't the deal of the century either.

6) overall - ***1/2
Even though this is a diner only by a stretch, I recomend it to any diner lover who's going to be in the Providence area, if for no other reason than to visit a landmark from Providence that is 115 years old. I'll include some links to pictures and info for anyone interested.

Picture of Haven Brothers
A review from RoadFood
Phone number, address, and another review from Citysearch

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1:20 am
New community, you guys might like it.
Like diners? Want to tell the world about your favorite, or not-so-favorite, diner?

Join my new community, diner_review. Yes, I made this.

(Sorry for any cross posting)

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Tuesday, November 19th, 2002
2:27 pm
Could hell be a diner? Red robot thinks so.

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Friday, November 8th, 2002
3:19 pm
I don't know if this applies, but....

I love the Mandarin buffet. Especially when it's free.

Me and the web conference guys went there for lunch and we invited our boss. She's a cool lady so we thought we could buy her lunch. The best part was that she got the better of us and ended up buying OUR lunch. So it backfired on us but it a cool way.

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9:40 am
I just wanted to say that I *love* diners...just got back from breakfast at one actually...Lester's Diner here in Broward County, Florida...they have 14 ounce mugs of coffee there!

I love the outing idea, if anyone in the South Florida area is reading this and interested let me know....

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9:35 am
Hey, outings would be cool. If you guys can hook it up, that's great. I'll have to hear about it on the lj though, as I probably won't ever make it to one of the meetings...

Let me know what happens...


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Thursday, November 7th, 2002
8:38 pm
I propose diners outings. Once in a while we should all meet at a different diner (obviously we can have events in different citys for those not in the western NY area). riffraff and I are setting up a website for his (and others) diner reviews and this would be a great way to get lots of reviews for some diners not to mention eating good diner food. The question is, where should we have the first get together? Take a moment to fill out the poll.

Which diner should we meet at?

I don't like the outing idea.
Mount Hope
Highland Park
South Wedge


What time of day do we meet?

Late Night
Doesn't matter, good diners server breakfast 24x7

How long from now should we schedule this?

How often should we hold these get togethers?

Every couple of months
Two or three times a year
Infrequently or even just once

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8:17 pm
Diners in Pittsburgh,PA....
Denny's and Eat N' Park....Both open 24/7 and good places to hang out, and have fun...Good food, coffee, and etc...Hehehe, I used to work for Denny's...Even beforehand my friends and I would hang out at Denny's after all night bowling or a party....Play cards, and when it got busy we would help seat people and clean and etc.....Just for the h**l of it....*smiles*

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7:16 pm
Diners (sort of)
I love a lot of the diners in the area. I have been to most of them. I have even been really old ones outta state. :)

But I love the almost diners. You know the restaurants that are family owned, and been in the town for 6798698778 years, and loved by all.

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4:51 pm
Here in Ontario I have 2 favourites....

First, is my hometime coffee spot, The Satellite, $1.10 bottomless cup and all the attitude you could ever want from a waitress. I once drank 17 cups of coffee there on a Sunday afternoon. It was the kind of place you could spend all day in. Just waiting for people to come and go because everyone touched base there at some point, even for 5 minutes....

Ahh, sadly those days are gone, the place has been renovated and everyone has moved away....

But not to worry, there is always Fran's Diner in Toronto. 24 hour breakfast and crappy coffee. Fran's used to have 7 locations in Toronto, but closed down 5 of them last year. I was in one of the locations when they announced the closure and the camera crews were out. I was interviewed for a network news piece about the chain and what it meant to Toronto....That was pretty cool.

Woody Harrelson also had coffee with the gang once at the old Satellite...See, Chatham is a farming area and we have one of the largest hemp production facilities in North America, so old Woody was up for a confab with the farmer and he had dinner at our diner! That was totally cool and so was he....

Ahh, I love diners!


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1:09 pm

This community concept rules. I am a Denny's worshipper in Sacramento, California. I also like Shari's.

Bad coffee, chicken, ranch dressing, fries, and cigarettes can solve any problem.

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10:46 am
First discussion
Since everyone in this group thus far is in or has been to Rochester, what's everybodies favorite Rochester area diner? As can be expected, I'm a fan of Jay's for general diner visits but Highland Park wins hands down for brunch. Discuss.

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Friday, November 1st, 2002
1:21 pm
hello all
greetings! my name is Kim, and i'm a diner-holic. i started this community after i did a search on livejournal and found a distinct lack of communities about diners, so here you have it, the first lj community devoted entirely to all things diner.

if you want to discuss your favorite diner, solicit recommendations for diners you haven't visited, have any opinions or rants or raves, then please feel free to use this community as a forum.

so, pull up a chair (or take a seat at a bench if you prefer) and join us, fellow diner reveler!

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